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Account Related Questions

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my account?

You have 24/7 access to our Customer Call Center at: 866.792.4643.

How do I open an account?

Opening an account with myHSAver is a simple process. Click here to take you to our account application process. If you need to speak to an customer service experienced representative, please call 866.792.4643.

How frequently is my account information updated?

We update all customer information nightly. Whether you access your accounts on-line, use the automated voice response system, or call us directly, your account information is updated nightly to reflect all account activity.

How can I close my account?

You can close your account by:

  • Faxing a signed request to us at: 302.385.5099
  • Mailing the signed request to:

    Attn: Customer Service Ctr.
    409 Silverside Road, Suite 105
    Wilmington, DE 19809

Please provide us with your Account Number, current mailing address, and an authorized signature from the account owner.

How is my interest calculated?

Interest is compounded daily. Refer to your Truth in Savings disclosures for the frequency on when it is credited to the account.

How can I change my contact information?

You can change your contact information at any time by:

• Calling the Customer Call Center at: 866.792.4643
• Fill out our on-line Account Maintenance form
• Mailing the request to:

Attn: Customer Service Ctr.
409 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, DE 19809

Please provide your name, new contact information, Account Number, and Social Security Number(SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) .

What is the difference between the current balance and the available balance for my checking account?

The current balance is the total amount of funds in your account. The available balance is the amount of funds in your account to which you have immediate access.

I want to allow someone else to access my account. Can I do so?

If you didn't already specify a secondary authorized user when you opened an account, you can do so by calling our Customer Call Center at 866.792.4643.

Is it important to keep the bank updated on my email address changes?

Absolutely. Email is a critical way we keep you updated on electronic payments, news, etc.

Why do my deposit accounts show current update as of today, while my loan accounts may show previous days date information?

The deposit account information is current as of today. The loan information will only refresh when there has been an update to the account such as payment information.

Why do most of my transactions show up without a payee when they clear the bank?

Vendor (payee) information is only transmitted for debit card and  Make Payment transactions.

How long does it take to receive my welcome kit and debit card after I open my account?

Your debit card and welcome kit will arrive in separate mailings within 10 business days of your HSA being opened.

How do I reorder personal checks?

You may reorder personal checks by logging on to your account and navigating to "My Accounts > Account Services > Order Checks."

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